Special Education

Understanding Special Education: The Basics of IDEA Law (available in Spanish)

  • Learn key areas of the law: Changes to IEPs, Parental Rights, Rights of Foster Parents, Changes in Evaluations and Re-Evaluations, Choice of parents to withdraw child from receiving special education services

Understanding Special Education: Writing Effective IEPs (also available in Spanish)

  • Learn about parent rights and responsibilities
  • Increase understanding of how the IEP Process works for students
  • Learn strategies for writing and implementing IEPs
  • Learn new methods for ensuring that IEPs are effective and lead to desired positive outcomes for students

Understanding Special Education: IDEA and IEPs (also available in Spanish)

  • A 3-hour training that covers Understanding IDEA and Writing Effective IEPs

Accommodations and Modifications (available in Spanish)

  • Learn the difference between accommodations and modifications
  • Learn how to build on the child’s learning style and strengths when developing accommodations and modifications
  • Practice developing accommodations and modifications to ensure active classroom participation for students with disabilities

Dispute Resolution Methods under IDEA

  • Learn about what methods are available to resolve disagreements and conflicts
  • Learn the difference between a State Complaint, Medication and Due Process

Making the Grade:  Schools are Accountable to You

  • Learn about adequate yearly progress
  • Learn about State Performance Plan (SPP) and School Accountability Committee

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and Students with Disabilities (available in Spanish)

  • Take the mystery out of state assessments
  • Understand how this law effects your child
  • Learn key areas of the law that have particular relevance to parents of children with disabilities.

Title I Schools and Special Education

  • Learn how Title I can support Special Education 
  • Funding and services under Title I, including parental involvement
  • Understand No Child Left Behind

To request this workshop, please contact us at 303.632.6840 or Info@WeShowAndTell.org

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