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We as a society can do better.

Poor political policies for young people with disabilities have contributed to major social injustices, especially BIPOC youth. A series of underfunded resources and a lack of compassion have contributed to this crisis.

Research shows BIPOC students are often located in schools with less qualified teachers, teachers with lower salaries, and novice teachers.

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Get to know our growing team.

We are lighthearted mavericks whose goal is to overturn what isn't working and build a more accessible community by placing relationships front and center.

Spanish Parent Educator to be announced

Bilingual Parent Educator

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Yvette Plummer

Executive Director

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Ellen Sutton

Parent Educator

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Jahsun Collier

Social Media / Video Editor

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A vision we're living by.

Together we are transforming lives with new methods built for a modern world. Through innovation we can rethink the science behind mentorship and a create a recipe for results.


sensorial experiences
that keep minds curious

home | school | outdoor


Utilize technology
that binds us.

one on one | web chat | texting | video calls

Building Bonds.

Together we are building bonds that will last a life time. Not only are we bonding with these youths, but with their families as well.

Areas of focus

Promoting positive family and peer
relationships, development and

career development | physical | health | social skills | creative expression

our board of directorsπŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Meet our board of directors, get to know us!

community leaders | entrepreneurs | advocates | health experts | Social workers | big hearted

Vachon Brackett

Board President

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Cat Lyons

Board Member

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Brenda J. Melons

Board Member

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Monyett Wade

Board Treasurer

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Chaka Johnson

Board Secretary

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Nedra Rudolph

Board Member

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